IG Competition - Share Your 21K Story!

What's in your mind when you hear about "21K"?

Long route, exhausted, challenges, obstacles, cramps, need longer preparation?

Whatever comes to your mind, that's something that you will do as your trigger to start a new phase in running. You get used to with 5K, 10K and it's time to upgrade your ability to join the 21K.

Many of you must have stories to tell in regards with 21K. How's your course? How's your preps? How's your motivation? The struggle might be real. Just share it to people so they will be inspired. Make your story to encourage other people so they can do the same route as you.

Here in Hyatt Pink Ribbon, we also broke the barrier last year. We got comfy with 5K and 10K routes for two years. And started in 2018 we opened the 21K to help people out there to break their own barrier too. Many of them were 21K virgins. This year 2109, we open the 21K category. Maybe still one of you or many of you are virgins. But who cares? Just run it, no matter what!

Again, 21K is not a half of anything. One day when you make it, you will be proud of yourself! That's the ultimate gift that you can get.

We, Hyatt Pink Ribbon sees that each story of yours is powerful. We dare you to share it through Instagram.

Here are the hows:

- Post your half-marathon (21K) running moments, during the race or training. Tell us how's your experience?

- If you haven't had a 21K run, tell your reason why do you want to run it?

- Follow @HyattPinkRibbon. Use hashtag #HyattPinkRibbon.

- Tag 3 friends

You can post as many as you want, not later than 5 September 2019. The best 2 photos + captions will each GET FREE HYATT PINK RIBBON 21K SLOT.

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